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My Hypnotherapy Story

How I came to start helping people through Hypnotherapy.

Ian Inguanez

Clinical Hypnotherapist

People in my life that I had crossed paths with often, be it work colleagues, friends, and most family members would often describe me as the confident, fun, larger than life guy. The guy who was always up for a challenge, was someone that could inspire and motivate people and was for the most part a “glass half full” kind of guy. 


What most of those people didn’t know is that for the best part of my teenage years and well into my adult life, I suffered debilitating anxiety and depression. 


While most days on the outside I was smiling and engaging in upbeat conversation, performing and negotiating my way through the corporate world, achieving accolades through my sporting endeavours and appearing to tick all the boxes, on the inside I was screaming; scared, confused and overall just feeling disconnected from the world and everyone in it! 


The constant negative chatter in my head and the ever present self doubting caused relentless bouts of stress. The constant need to project a guy that had it all “together”, slowly but surely chipped away at me and some of my closest relationships. 



As I went through some very personal changes in 2015 and at my lowest point I started to ask myself some very big questions. 


These questions had me curious as to why I had made some of the decisions I had made up to this point in my life, and maybe more importantly, why I had not done the things I actually wanted to do? What was holding me back? Why did I seem to fight for my unhappiness rather than actually chase my dreams? Why did I never feel good enough? 


So taking what I thought to be the next logical step, I sought some therapy, but I was confused at how after 6 months I was still no clearer as to what was driving some of my behavior, thoughts and habits. I was totally at a loss! 


Then by chance after doing some research on mental health and psychology, I came across an article on Hypnosis and the science behind how it worked and why it worked. After reading an endless amount of literature on Hypnosis, I was convinced that this was something I needed to experience, and after just one session I had more answers to questions I hadn’t even consciously thought of asking, and I was utterly astounded at the change within myself. 


And here we are! After experiencing the life changing effects of Hypnosis personally, and seeing the array of challenges, issues and conditions that Hypnosis has and continues to be used for, I found a burning desire to help people. 


Today, I help my clients understand and rid themselves of the mental baggage that we all at some point needlessly carry around, allowing them to live a happier and more fulfilled life. Through the process of Hypnosis I guide my clients in creating lasting changes in their lives and give them the insight on how to self correct any unwanted thoughts and behaviors they may pick up moving forward.

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