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All the reviews listed on this website are from real people that were helped with clinical hypnotherapy. In order to respect their privacy, we will keep their names confidential.

Self-esteem Hypnotherapy

Ian made me feel so comfortable and like I could tell him anything…Ian’s session was healing and liberating, he helped me to see the power I have within myself and that I matter, I am more motivated than ever, I know I can achieve anything I want to with his recording it has motivated me to work towards my goals.


Hypnosis for Confidence

After our first hypnosis session, he was able to help me with some visualization processes that give me an advantage like a pro. 

I have been able to not only stay calm on the golf course to improve my game, but I have also been able to apply these same benefits in other parts of my life. I recommend sitting down with Ian and going through these subconscious exercises to do the same. 


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

For most of my adult life I have been struggling with my weight. After working with Ian I have successfully formed new habits and routines which have seen my body commence on a new journey of transformation. 


More importantly, I am happier, healthier with way more energy.


I wish I had done this years ago.


Hypnosis for Anxiety

I was overweight, anxious, and unhappy..Enter Ian.. Ian fixed my mindset in just one session! I’m now in control of my eating and the weight is just dropping off me.


Ian came highly recommended to me and I can’t thank him enough.


Hypnotherapy for Childhood Trauma

A unique method to assist me in letting go of childhood trauma and depression. Working with Ian has truly changed my life forever.


Hypnotherapy better than Counseling

Refreshingly different to any counseling and psychology session I have had. It only took a few sessions and I was able to meet with Ian over a Zoom meeting, which blows my mind. 


We were able to change beliefs and habits that I had, which were never possible with counseling.

don’t wait any longer


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